1. Fundamental Principles of Fatwa
  2. Halal Certification and Standards
  3. Legal Perspectives and Jurisdictions
  4. Halal and Fatwa Governance
  5. Islamic Ethics and Sustainability
  6. Ir-4.0, AI And Digital Transformation.
  7. Consumer Education and Awareness
  8. Interfaith on Halal and Dietary Practice
  9. Communication, Branding And Reputation
  10. Tourism And Hospitality
  11. Halal Science and Gastronomy
  12. Medical and health tourism
  13. Halal Education, Talent And Capacity Building
  14. Halal Economy
  15. Halal Lifestyle


  • All accepted papers will be published in indexed journals.
  • All innovation participants will receive medals (gold, silver, or bronze) and e-certificates (participants and award), and extended abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts.