The International Conference on Contemporary Halal and Fatwa (ICCoHaF) aims to bring together a variety of new developments and challenges in the field of halal integration with science and technology. Its primary mission is to meet the country’s needs by sharing technology and disseminating knowledge through strong relationships with industry researchers, scientists, and academics. Among the main objectives of this conference are:


  1. Facilitate the exchange of scholarly research, experiences, and best practices related to Fatwa and Halal, fostering intellectual dialogue among scholars, practitioners and researchers.
  2. Address contemporary challenges and dilemmas Muslim communities face worldwide, seeking insights and guidance from renowned scholars and experts.
  3. Explore the ethical dimensions and principles underlying Halal and Fatwa, emphasizing the importance of justice, transparency and accountability in issuing rulings and ensuring the integrity of the Halal industry.
  4. Encourage dialogue and collaboration among scholars from diverse backgrounds, schools of thought, and legal traditions, promoting a holistic understanding of Halal principles.
  5. Highlight practical aspects of Halal and Fatwa, including the development of standardized guidelines, certification processes and innovative approaches to meet the evolving needs of Muslim consumers.