The International Conference on Halal and Fatwa (ICCoHaF) is a dual-event conference and virtual innovation exhibition. ICCoHaF is a cutting-edge platform that unites entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators from many fields to present innovative ideas and products. At the same time, our innovation expo provides a fantastic venue for showcasing cutting-edge products and technology in worldwide businesses and higher education institutions (IHL). This conference aims to provide a platform for in-depth discussions, knowledge exchange, and critical analysis of issues about Fatwa and Halal in contemporary times. The conference recognizes the significance of Fatwa, which refers to the legal opinions and rulings provided by Islamic scholars based on their understanding of Islamic sources, principles, and jurisprudence. Fatwas are crucial in guiding Muslims in faith, ethics, social conduct, and personal and communal duties.

Moreover, Fatwas also addresses contemporary challenges and emerging issues Muslims face globally. The Halal industry, encompassing food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other consumer goods, has witnessed significant growth and international recognition in recent years. Halal certification ensures that products comply with Islamic dietary laws and ethical standards, assuring Muslim consumers. This conference acknowledges the expanding scope and importance of the Halal industry and aims to explore its various dimensions, challenges, and opportunities. The meeting will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and research presentations on a wide range of topics related to Fatwa and Halal.